Hi, and welcome to Red House Designs! My name is Caitriona and this is my blog. So I figure you might want to learn a little about me…

I am 24 years old, married to my amazing husband, Geoffrey, and together we have three crazy, but wonderful, little boys aged 3, 2, and 5 months. To say my life is a little crazy would probably be an understatement.


I met my husband, Geoffrey, at a camp in Fort St. James just after we had graduated high school (so we were both 18). Cool fact, this camp is actually where my parents met too. We started dating that summer, but had to do long-distance as he is from Victoria, and I from Prince George. So we did that for a year- tough, but definitely not impossible if you put in the effort! If anything, our communication was so strong because that was the basic foundation. After one year of long-distance I moved to Victoria to go to UVIC (and to be closer to Geoffrey, let’s be real..).

Engagement photos in 2013! Oh so young..

I had been in Victoria only 8 months when we got engaged (on Salt Spring Island- beautiful). It was on Geoffrey’s 20th birthday (March), so that would have made me only 19- my birthday is in June. Young, we know. And trust me, we had a fair share of comments made about this. Ultimately though, our decision. We knew we were going to get married so we didn’t see the point in waiting.

Geoffrey was still in school at UVIC when we got married August that year (yes, yes, quick again.. 6 month engagement. But again, why wait?).

I got pregnant with Declan, our eldest, only four months after we got married. Quick, yes. But we had always wanted a family. And honestly, so much easier having kids when you’re 20.. at least three boys.. because you have the energy to chase after little ones! Trust me on this.. I barely have the energy and I am only 24.

So Geoffrey’s last year of school we had one very active baby crawling around, and 4 months after Declan was born, I got pregnant again. Our two older boys are just 13.5 months apart. It’s absolute craziness most of the time, but it is also so much fun, and they will be best friends growing up. Hah, we hope.

Connor, our second, had an eventful start to life. Only four days before he was born Geoffrey found out that he had gotten a job in Prince George, BC, and that we would need to be there in a week so he could start (we hadn’t been counting on moving so nothing was packed or had even been thought of). Now, I was still pregnant and my due date wasn’t until the day we were supposed to be leaving town. To say I was freaking out a bit would be the understatement of the century. Luckily, Connor was born a week early. 13 hours after he was born we were home and I was packing up the bathroom.. It was insane, let’s just put it that way. So within a week we had found out we were moving, had our second baby, packed up the house, and left town with a 14 month old and a 1 week old. I still don’t know how we did it.

Connor (left) and Declan (right- the unmatched shoes is due to a broken foot)

I got pregnant with Leo, our third boy, 9 months later- after we had just moved into our first home (as I tell people, never a dull moment in our household!). During this pregnancy I decided I needed to invest in myself a little bit. I needed something to keep me sane as I was chasing two toddlers around the place, knowing that in a short few months I would have a third little boy. So I decided to pursue my dream of being an interior designer. It was something that had always been a passion of mine and a dream career. I found the Interior Design Institute, which is an international online school. It was perfect for what I was looking to do, and even better, I could do it from home.

Our third little boy, Leo.

I loved every bit of it. People called me crazy and asked me where I found the time. Honestly, I made the time. It kept me sane and I was always dying to work on it and learn something new. It was my thing- my non-baby-related hobby that I could focus on in my spare time.

Once I had graduated it was like, what now? Now I needed to go and do something..

I had loved having my schooling to work on because it was pushing me to be creative, to test myself, and it was something completely my own. And well, I loved it. So the idea to start a blog came up (not for the first time in the past few years); a creative outlet where I could share my ideas and a place to save design ideas that I loved and wanted to try out. It also is a place that pushes me to try new things, find new ideas, and well, step outside my comfort zone. It definitely isn’t easy to put yourself and your ideas out there for the world to see.

So, here we are. Now you know a bit, well, a lot, about me. I’m excited to start sharing my thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and designs with you. Thanks for stopping by!

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