A Colourful Nursery

Design trends are focusing on a much more neutral-toned nursery these days. This kind of nursery design is great: calming, relaxing, easy for your kid to grow up with. But colour is good for babies; therefore, so is a colourful nursery. Kids need that stimulation that comes from colour, and kids need fun! Yes, we as adults like things to look nice and pretty, and we want the nursery to be well-designed and clean feeling (it is, after all, the only phase of your child’s life that the room will stay looking like that – trust me, I now have three toddlers). Colour in a nursery can give your child the fun and stimulation while meeting your expectations for a well-designed room.

Now, I am not saying that the whole room should be full of bright colours. That’s too much stimulation for a nursery. You do still want your baby to sleep – at least I do!

What if I told you that you could make a colourful, well-designed, cute nursery without it being overstimulating? I’m a big fan of neutral walls and larger pieces of furniture that can transition through the years as your kids grow older. If you stick to these general ideas for the nursery it is easy to add colour and fun through the accent pieces and decor. This way you can change the room up as your baby’s (and your) needs and likes change.

(If you want to see how we incorporated colour and pattern into our toddler nursery you can check that out here.)

Colourful Nursery Board

My Colourful Nursery Focal Piece: The Crib

Carousel Crib (Kelly Green)
Land of Nod Carousel Crib (Kelly Green). Picture from Land of Nod

This whole nursery design is focused around  the Carousel Crib in Kelly Green. I spotted this crib and it instantly drew me to it! How fun and unique is that green? With the crib as a focal piece, I designed the rest of the space around it, really trying to bring in lots of colour and pattern. The green is vibrant and bright, but adults in the home can still find the room appealing and not “baby-ish.”

With the crib as the focal piece in this nursery bringing in that pop of colour, I aimed to keep the colours of the other major pieces in the nursery neutral (the glider, dresser, curtains, side table). However, I did go with the fun, colourful, geometric rug that really pulled in the different colours in the room.

Colourful Nursery Must-haves: Patterns and Shapes

I incorporated a lot of pattern (rug, teepee, crib sheet, crib blanket, throw blanket, swaddle blankets), but without as many bright colours. The patterns complement the colour in the room rather than compete it, keeping the nursery appealing and interesting.

The room also has lots of natural, geometric-shaped items (side table, mirror, patterned pouf, shelving, floor lamp, wire storage basket) to keep it “grown up” and modern feeling.

Rounding Out Your Colourful Nursery: Decor

I kept the decor fun and colourful adding an oversized dream catcher and some hanging tassels (I have linked different tassels because unfortunately the ones in my board are no longer being sold -sorry!). The artwork in the room includes a ” Be Brave” print that reflects the colour and patterns found in the nursery, as well as a large modern bicycle artwork piece. The hanging mobile is simple and neutral, complementing the crib rather than competing for attention. Lastly, there is a modern throw pillow, and on the dresser sits a simple, star-designed table lamp (repeating the star pattern of the mobile), along with a quilted storage basket.

This nursery says fun and colourful in a way that still lets the adults of the house feel like the space can be enjoyed by them as well. Nurseries don’t have to be completely neutral-toned or super modern with only black and white accents to feel well-designed or adult-friendly. (Not to say that these designs are bad; my minimal scandi board design is just this, and I love it.) Some people want a bright and colourful nursery without feeling like it is designed by child. This is just one of those colourful options for those people!

Designing a nursery is always dependent on the tastes and needs of the people involved, and their current house style. If we all had the same “right” nursery it would get pretty boring very fast!

What are your style preferences for a nursery? Do you like the colourful or neutral-toned modern design, or maybe something in between? Let me know in the comments below!