6 Cheap Ways To Decorate A Toddler Bedroom

I was determined to have a cute toddler bedroom for two of my boys, but anything baby-related these days is a crazy price! It seems the moment you put the words “maternity” or “baby” on anything it doubles or triples the price. Frustrating when you’re about to be a parent and costs are already building up, and now you have to pay over $100 for a crib set (let alone the crib itself)?! Not fine by me.

To decorate my kid’s bedroom I got creative and went on a hunt for some items that would work, but would not break the bank. Below I’ve listed six inexpensive ways that I decorated Declan and Connor’s toddler bedroom. And I’ll let you in on a little secret: each item below cost under $50.

1. Book ledges

Book Ledges
Use picture ledges for a DIY bookshelf

So the boys bedroom is much too small to fit an actual bookshelf in, but I really liked the idea of having a little reading corner in their bedroom. Picture ledges make a great alternative. They fit small children books easily, and look light and bright, too. You can find different sizes (2, 4, or more feet long) and different colours at pretty much any home decorating store or online. Each of my 2-foot long white picture ledges came to $10. Steal of a deal! So for only $20 I had my little reading corner.

Reading Nook
Add a cute chair and the reading nook is complete

Pair the picture-turned-book ledges with a cute little wooden rocking chair like this one I found used for $15! Always have an eye out for great little deals like this at garage sales or thrift stores because these kind of items add great character and personality to a room.

2. Flags

I love colour in a bedroom, especially a child’s bedroom. Colour is important; it stimulates and helps your child to learn and grow. I didn’t, however, want to go painting their room bright orange and blue. I stuck to a neutral grey paint that makes it easy to change up the bedroom decor as the boys grow older. They aren’t going to love the same things for the rest of their lives. I just didn’t see the sense in decorating their room in a way that would involve a full overhaul of everything in only a few years time when interests have changed and they have grown up (grow up? cue waterworks).

Flags make a great colourful addition to a child’s room

I found these flags on Amazon for only $5 a pack!! They were the perfect addition to the room! They make it fun with pattern and colour. Also, the boys love them! They were so excited by the flags hanging from the ceiling. Connor still loves pointing up at them when he wakes up from a nap.

3. A basket (or two)

Easy way to add storage, but in a cute way? Baskets. They are available in every shape, size, and colour. The options are really endless. Also, you can never have enough baskets. For some reason, the go-to baby gift is a baby blanket. We have at least 15, and I did not buy any of them.. But can I part with them? Of course not. They are just so small and precious and if I don’t give them up, my babies will always be babies, right? Right.

Use a big decorative basket to store baby blankets

So with all these baby blankets and not enough room in the closet to put them, I opted for a big basket for $20 that fit them all and looked great in their room!

4. DIY art

I was struggling to find something to put on their wall that didn’t cost more than $50. If I am just going to have to switch it out in a few years time, why would I spend a crazy amount of money for a picture that, let’s face it, satisfies me. They could care less what hangs on their walls! I searched and searched, but I still couldn’t find what I wanted.

Enter Pinterest.

After a little scrolling I found the perfect solution: the kids could paint their own wall art and (yes) it could look good, too.

DIY Canvas Art
Get your kids involved with decorating by making their own wall art

It was simple enough: painter’s tape, water colour paint, four canvases, and two happy little toddlers.

The only thing I did was monitor what colours they used, and then at the end made sure the brush strokes went in the same directions.

So easy, so cute, and a great personal touch to the room for the boys. Also, super simple to customize it to be whatever design you like!

5. Ikea Bedding

Ahh, Ikea. My husband trembles any time I pull up the web page. I have to admit, I have a small (okay, much bigger than small) addiction, but it’s not my fault! How can someone resist those prices? I believe I’ve already ordered three times this summer – oops.

Ikea Bedding
Complete your child’s bedroom look with colourful bedding

But honestly, where else can you get toddler duvet covers for under $30!? These ones are simple and sweet, with a great pattern of colour. Colourful (but tasteful) bedding can definitely make the room pop. Plus, the kids like the polka dots and bright colours. You don’t need to use the Paw Patrol bedding!

So, these bedding sets were worth ordering. For sure.

6. Shag Rug

To warm the space, I just added a simple area rug. When they are both big enough to sleep in their bunk bed then I’ll invest in a larger area rug, but for now they just needed something small between the toddler bed and crib. They really don’t spend a lot of time in their room – just for naps and bedtime, and the occasional reading of a storybook. Most of their playtime and reading happens in the home’s main living spaces and playroom.

Shag Area Rug
A simple, clean area rug brings a child’s bedroom design together

This shag rug was perfect: simple, comfy, and textured to add some depth. Better yet, it was only $30 (and comfy for a toddler’s toes).

So there you have it: six simple, and most importantly inexpensive, ways to decorate your toddler’s bedroom. And each item for under $50! Who says decorating has to be expensive?

I’d love to hear any neat ways you have decorated your toddler’s bedroom on a budget, because I’m always looking for new ideas to try out! Let me know in the comments below 🙂