DIY Coffee Cart

A coffee cart: a cute little station where you can display your favourite coffee mugs, store your kitchen clutter and coffee, hold your coffee machine. It is every mothers dream…or need…but it can so easily be styled to meet anyone’s needs. You can easily put together your own DIY coffee cart, and below I will show you how! You need four main things: a feature piece for above the cart, some sort of base (such as an island), your coffee machine, and other accessories to complete the look.

DIY Coffee Cart
My own DIY kitchen coffee cart

Feature pieces for a DIY coffee cart

Once again, being the deal hunter I am, I was very picky about finding the right feature piece to hang above my island (which I bought when it was on sale from Canadian tire here). When choosing a feature piece make sure it is strong enough to support the weight of your mugs and/or cups, and make sure that the piece is securely fixed to the wall. The last thing you need is the whole thing tearing out of the wall! Of course you also want the piece to look great and fit in with the overall look and feel of your house.

My search for the perfect piece took a few months, but finally I found the perfect pallet-made piece. Then from there all it took were some hooks from the local home improvement store. I (and by I, I mean my trusty, handy husband) screwed the hooks across the bottom of the piece, hung it on the wall above my island-made-coffee-cart, and displayed my four favourite mugs! Feel free to explore local home decorating shops for some fun hooks.

Coffee Mugs on DIY coffee cart
Four of my favourite mugs

Now I’m sure if you are super crafty and skilled you could make your own piece of artwork to use to hang your coffee mugs on. I just do not have those skills…yet. Maybe some day! The base of the feature piece I have above my own coffee cart could easily be replicated with some pallet wood and white paint. I’m sure you could purchase individual letters to customize the feature piece wording.

Our coffee cart is one of my favourite things in our house (along with my steal-of-a-deal hutch), and not just because it holds all the coffee (okay, maybe that is one of the main reasons), but because it’s a focal piece that people always comment on! The pallet artwork adds the farmhouse style feel that I love, and the mugs add a pop of colour and cuteness. Let’s be honest, why should all your cute coffee mugs be hiding behind closed cabinets?! Get those beauties on display!

Put together your own DIY coffee cart

DIY Coffee Cart
Change the look and feel of your coffee cart with mugs, pots, flowers, and more!

This was so easy to put together – and at a very affordable price too!

All it takes is:

  1. A cute little island. I love my island because it isn’t just a nice base for my coffee station, but it also has great storage for all my big appliances. You could, however, get a little buffet and up-cycle it, or even just use a side table or cart. The options are endless, and that’s what I love! It is so easy to personalize your coffee cart to meet your style needs.
  2. A feature art piece. I’ve seen so many different ways of doing this part. It can be something that is ready-made for hanging cups on, or it could be like mine where I found something I liked and then just added the hooks! Buy one, up-cycle an old piece of furniture, or build one from scratch. There are also a million ways (that I have seen among my many Pinterest-perusals) that you can up-cycle pallets to work as a way to display your favourite coffee mugs.
  3. A coffee machine. Duh. I love my Tassimo, but I do have a coffee machine hiding underneath, inside the island. Display your Keurig, coffee machine, or whatever satisfies those coffee needs! You could also easily place your kettle here if you have a nearby power outlet. (For me I can’t really do that because the kids will for sure pull it down. Of course when they did, it would be full of boiling water. So just going to sidestep that accident all together!)
  4. All the coffee accessories your heart desires. I simply have my sugar, milk and tea holders, a tea steeper, and my Sophie Conran tea pot. (I have a special place in my heart just for this tea pot, and all things Sophie Conran.) But you could put any little knick-knacks or favourite pieces here for display. Personalize it to speak to your individual style!

This coffee cart is super easy to do, and the options are endless! I’d love to see some of your coffee stations/carts – how do you personalize yours?