Farmhouse Style Rugs From Wayfair

Today I rounded up my favourite farmhouse style rugs and all can be found on Wayfair.

Wayfair is, in my opinion, one of the best places to find home decor for a reasonable price. A little bit of everything for everyone – and so much to choose from!

Rugs can make or break a space. They have the capability to change the feel in your home. Rugs can make it feel warm, bright, cozy, sophisticated, and the list goes on. The perfect rug can really help achieve and round out farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Style Rugs: Abbeville Grey/Dark Blue Rug
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This Abbeville Grey/Dark Blue rug would be the perfect runner in a kitchen or entryway hallway. The washed out pattern gives it the rustic edge and sophisticated-worn look. More of a modern farmhouse style can be achieved with this rug!

Farmhouse Style Rugs: Binford Natural/Dark Grey Rug
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Woven rugs are just a classic representation of farmhouse decor. You really can’t go wrong with this Binford Natural/Dark Grey rug. It will match pretty much everything, and instantly give you that farmhouse style you’re looking to achieve. But throw in some white slip-covered couches and a rustic wood coffee table – voila! This is what I did in my living room and it made a huge difference and definitely helped to achieve that farmhouse style I am going for.

Farmhouse Style Rugs: Davey Blue Area Rug
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Stripes and woven. Do I need to say much more than that to convince you it’s farmhouse style? This Davey Blue Area Rug is the perfect combination of the natural woven look, yet with some pops of colour and pattern to create a bit more of an interesting focal piece.

Farmhouse Style Rugs: Fleuristes Jute Hand-Woven Area Rug
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This Fleuristes Jute Hand-Woven rug just makes me want to grab a rocking chair, pull it up onto this rug, and read a book with a nice cup of tea. There’s just something so cozy about circular, hand-woven rugs. You really can’t deny that natural farmhouse feel that comes along with it. The texture that hand-woven rugs lend to a room are undeniably difference-making to the space.

Farmhouse Style Rugs: Mason Farmhouse Rug
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I can’t even begin to express enough my love for stripes. And placed on a braided rug? Um, divine. This Mason Farmhouse rug is quintessential farmhouse style! Especially nestled in a entryway on some stone tile and placed beside a nice rustic bench where you can sit and put your shoes on. Excuse me while I drool over here..

Farmhouse Style Rugs: Oldtown Hand-Woven Grey Rug
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I love this Oldtown Hand-Woven Grey rug because it wouldn’t usually be included in a list of farmhouse style rugs. It has that bohemian-chic edge. But depending on how you style the room, this rug can seem bohemian, sophisticated, or farmhouse (and I am sure many more styles too!). The tassel trim and woven pattern make this rug more unique than just a hand-woven, neutral coloured rug, and that’s why I think it’s so great! Trying something unexpected in a space is sometimes the perfect way to create that signature style you are trying to achieve in your home.

Farmhouse Style Rugs: Eco-Smart Hand-Woven Bleach Area Rug
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This chunky, hand-woven area rug is quintessential farmhouse style. The colour, texture, material, all scream farmhouse, plus (as a bonus) it is made with Eco-friendly materials! So not only are you making your house beautiful, but you are doing it in an environmentally-aware way. Win-win.

Farmhouse Style Rugs: Eve Antiquities Area Rug
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This Eve Antiquities Area Rug has to be one of my favourite farmhouse style rugs ever. Just look at that beautiful washed-out pattern with blue and ivory. I love blue. It’s my favourite accent colour to decorate with in a home. Calming and pretty – and this rug has that. The washed out style pattern makes it look more rustic, and so unique! I feel this rug could be perfect in tying a living room or bedroom together, to achieve that final farmhouse style result.

I know that when it comes time to buy a new rug for our home I’m going to have a tough time picking my favourite! Maybe I’ll just have to invest in more than one (don’t tell the husband.. my love for redecorating can cost more than a few pennies!)

So, which rug is your favourite and why?