5 Affordable Bathroom Style Tips

Bathrooms are one of the most-used spaces in the house and can be expensive to renovate. We all want our bathroom to look fantastic (especially since guests see it up close and personal!), but we don’t always have the budget for an overhaul. Good news: a bathroom style upgrade doesn’t have to break the bank? Here are my five affordable bathroom style tips.

1. Get Creative With Lighting

Flush mount lights can instantly glam up a space. Something other than a traditional ceiling light in the bathroom adds an instant “wow factor” for anyone walking in. Just because it’s a bathroom, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have the same attention to detail that the rest of the rooms in our homes have! Here are a couple of cost-effective examples I have found that would look great in a bathroom:

If your bathroom is large enough, try out a chandelier! Chandeliers come in all different styles. So whether it be rustic, traditional, or modern, there is guaranteed to be a chandelier that would fit your bathroom’s overall look and feel.

Lighting is probably the most expensive of my affordable bathroom style tips, but if you are willing to bargain-hunt around the web you can definitely keep the cost low.

Here are a couple of examples:

affordable bathroom style tips: Hampton Flush mount light
Hampton Bay Flush Mount $39.97


Affordable Bathroom Style Tips: Nickel Flush Mount light
Hampton Bay Nickel Flush Mount $89.98
Lark Manor Chandelier $68.99


2. Have Fun With Your Shower Curtain

A great, easy way to instantly make a style statement in your bathroom is to have a great shower curtain. Not only is this really easy to change up as you need or want, but it also is a really affordable way to instantly impact the design of the bathroom. Sometimes a simple, white, textured shower curtain is all you need to tidy the space up and keep it looking crisp and clean. Or maybe you have a young family and want to create more of an element of youthfulness and fun in the space. This is a great, simple way to do that!

Here are a couple of very different, but still affordable, options:

Ombre Chevron Shower Curtain
Ombre Chevron Shower Curtain $23.99. More colour options available
Peva Stripe Shower Curtains
PEVA Stripe Design Shower Curtain $24.99
Aggersund Shower Curtain
AGGERSUND Shower Curtain $12.99
Skorren Shower Curtain
SKORREN Shower Curtain $9.99

3. Display Your Soap And Toothbrushes In Style

It’s easy to find generic vanity vessels, but why not track down pieces that pop out! Try switching your current toothbrush holder or bathroom set out for some that really stand out. And have fun with this! The possibilities are endless. I’ve found a couple that are a great deal and would instantly make any bathroom much more stylish:

Michael Amini Brentwood Toothbrush Holder
Michael Amini Brentwood Toothbrush Holder $11.99
Boasjo Bathroom Set
BOASJO 4-Piece Bathroom Set $16.99
Seville Bathroom Set
Seville Classics 5-Piece Bamboo Set $39.99

4. Hang A Statement Mirror

A major, but sometimes overlooked, bathroom element is the mirror. Take advantage of this! Style it up. Purchase a mirror that doesn’t make someone just look at themselves, but actually look at the mirror. A mirror instantly ups the style points of the bathroom. They typically take up quite a bit of a bathroom’s wall space, so utilize that, and make a statement – make it stylish!

THD Etched Geometric Mirror
Etched Geometric Mirror $79.97
Casa Vintage Mirror
Casa Vintage Mirror $86.99
Grasmere Wall Mirror
Grasmere Wall Mirror in Black $64.99

5. Place Artwork On The Walls

Another easy way update your bathroom style? Hang some artwork.

Bathroom Oasis
Photo Source

This is such an easy solution, yet so many of us forget that the bathroom is still a room and that, yes, you can hang your nice, framed prints in there! You could hang something pretty and light (floral or nature-inspired, for example). Or you could get cheeky and hang some witty bathroom quotes.

Bathroom Artwork
Photo Source

Or maybe you want to just hang framed pictures of your kids in the bath. The options are endless, and the price tag can stay nice and low if you want it to! (I won’t post any links here because you can hang pretty much any style or type of artwork you want, but I’ve added these photos for inspiration. Just keep in mind that there will be more moisture in the bathroom, which could harm certain kinds of artwork.)

Bathrooms can be updated to look more beautiful and stylish, and it doesn’t have to require a complete overhaul. Try out some of these affordable bathroom style tips and instantly see your bathroom move up the style point scoreboard.

What are your favourite affordable bathroom style tips? What is your favourite part about decorating a bathroom on a budget? Let me know your thoughts 🙂

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