Minimal Nordic Boy’s Nursery

A minimal Nordic boy’s nursery is simple and sweet, yet clean and modern. I have designed this mood board to help give you some ideas on how to achieve this look for yourself!

Minimalism has become a new fad among the design world, especially when it comes to nursery design. People want a clean, modern, no-fuss look that appeals to the eye.

Scandinavian styles (hello, IKEA!) have also become popular over the past few years. The use of black and white, mixed with light natural wooden tones are pleasing to the eye and modern!

I have put together a mood board for a boy’s nursery that speaks to the minimal Nordic style that has become so popular with nursery designs today.┬áKeep in mind this design could easily be altered for a girl’s nursery too!

Keep it neutral!

The colour scheme is ultra-neutral sticking with natural woods, blacks, and whites. This keeps the nursery looking bright and fresh. Sticking with neutral colours for your big furniture pieces also allows you the option to change up your accent pieces easily. This way every time you feel the urge to redecorate (if you’re like me, this urge hits a lot!) then it is much less expensive to do so. Plus, neutrals are timeless.

Bring in the outdoors

The minimal scandi style also tends to lean towards the outdoorsy. Throwing in a black and white patterned teepee and some rustic wooden, tree artwork is an easy way to help pull this style through in the design.

Nursery storage

In a nursery you need lots of storage. Being a young mom myself to three boys, I know how much time you spend in a nursery, whether it is feeding your baby, changing and dressing them, or putting them to sleep. You need storage. Otherwise your nursery becomes a dumping ground and that chaos will be felt by you and your baby. What you need is a calm, organized, enjoyable space.

In this particular design I have used a good-sized dresser that can easily fit a change pad on the top. I love this option for small nurseries where having both a change table and a dresser is not plausible. There is also a side table that makes it easy for you to put down your coffee, the soother, bottle, receiving blanket, monitor, whatever. Easy access from your chair for important baby items is a must. A ladder-style shelf is also a great space-saver if you are looking for shelving to display all those beyond-cute baby memorabilia and gifts you collect (and, if you are like me, hoard).

Nursery lighting options

Lighting is important in a nursery. You need to have options. When you are just in the nursery playing, or changing diapers, you want to have good lighting. Your main lighting should be strong enough that you aren’t squinting every time you bend over to wipe that cute little baby bum.

A side lamp is a must, in my opinion. When up feeding a baby in the middle of the night, it isn’t really ideal to be turning on a bright light and waking up baby. A soft side lamp gives you enough light, but doesn’t blind you (or wake baby) at 3 a.m!

What are your thoughts on using a minimal Nordic style for a boy’s (or girl’s) nursery? If you’ve already used this style, what are your necessary design pieces?