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Colourful Nursery Board

A Colourful Nursery

Design trends are focusing on a much more neutral-toned nursery these days. This kind of nursery design is great: calming, relaxing, easy for your kid to grow up with. But colour is good for babies; therefore, so is a colourful nursery. Kids need that stimulation […]

Scandinavian Style

One Ikea Couch Styled 3 Ways

Ikea, Ikea, Ikea. Can you really get enough of that store? Ever? The answer is no. No, you cannot. The fact that I do not have an Ikea in the town I live in makes me slightly depressed, yet causes my husband some elation I […]

Minimal Nordic Boy's Nursery

Minimal Nordic Boy’s Nursery

A minimal Nordic boy’s nursery is simple and sweet, yet clean and modern. I have designed this mood board to help give you some ideas on how to achieve this look for yourself! Minimalism has become a new fad among the design world, especially when […]