One Ikea Couch Styled 3 Ways

Ikea, Ikea, Ikea. Can you really get enough of that store? Ever? The answer is no. No, you cannot. The fact that I do not have an Ikea in the town I live in makes me slightly depressed, yet causes my husband some elation I am sure. I ordered from Ikea four times alone this summer, and that was me pacing myself…trust me.

Then I had a thought: I should design some mood boards using only Ikea items! You have no idea how much fun this was for me. Way too many joyful hours were spent on Ikea to create this blog post.

Now one of the things I love about Ikea is the versatility of their products! There are so many items that can be adapted to a variety of styles. So for these mood boards I chose one Ikea couch (only $600!) and designed three living rooms around it, all different styles: Scandinavian, Cottage, and Industrial.

And here they are! (Each item is sourced at the bottom of this post if you are interested in any of them or, if you’re like me, all of them).

Ikea Couch, Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style living room with Ikea couch

This Scandinavian style is becoming more and more popular in North America. It features clean lines, neutral colours, and natural wood in a tone-happy look. Throw some greenery in and you have the perfect modern, stylish, and minimalist Scandi look.

Ikea Couch, Industrial Style

Industrial style living room with Ikea couch

Industrial style is hip, trendy, and modern. It can also be made to work in so many different ways: furniture styles can be mixed or traditional lighting can be blended with ultra-industrial room elements like concrete and exposed brick. This simple design brings in geometric patterns, clean lines, and iron-style furniture pieces.

Ikea Couch, Cottage Style

Cottage style living room with Ikea couch

This cottage style is comfy, cozy, and cute! Rustic features, woven rugs, and floral and checkered patterns make this a popular style today. Accent pieces feature lots of colour and pattern to keep it fun and comfy. Easy to create, you basically just need a woven rug, a wood farm-style table, some oversized throw blankets, and some floral-patterened decor and voila!

Scandinavian Style – Source List

Scandinavian Style Item List

1. Couch | 2. Shelf Unit | 3. Area Rug | 4. Coffee Table | 5. Nesting Tables | 6. Tray Table | 7. Curtains | 8. Small Artificial Potted Plant | 9. Potted Plant | 10. Hanging Artificial Potted Plant | 11. Cushion Cover | 12. Throw Blanket | 13. Cushion Cover | 14. Picture Set | 15. Vase Set | 16. Vase | 17. Wicker Basket Set

Industrial Style – Source List

Industrial Style Item List

1. Couch | 2. Coffee Table | 3. Area Rug | 4. Side Table | 5. Bookshelf | 6. Hanging Artificial Potted Plant | 7. Potted Plant | 8. Plate | 9. Small Artificial Potted Plant | 10. Artist’s Dummy | 11. Vase | 12. Throw, Gray | 13.Cushion Cover, Pink | 14. Throw Pillow, Blue

Cottage Style – Source List

Cottage Style Item List

1. Couch | 2. Coffee Table | 3. Tray Table | 4. Area Rug | 5. Bookshelf | 6. Picture Set | 7. Curtains |  8. Artist’s Dummy | 9. Vase | 10. Plate | 11. Potted Plant | 12. Hanging Artificial Potted Plant | 13. Small Artificial Potted Plant | 14. Three Potted Plants | 15. Throw | 16. Throw, Gray | 17. Cushion, Multicolour | 18. Basket | 19. Cushion Cover | 20. Cushion Cover, White