3 Pinterest Design Trends For 2018

Every year Pinterest puts out a list of the top 100 trends expected for the next year, based on what is being pinned the most. Pinterest has released the 2018 list of those trends; I have chosen my 3 favourite Pinterest design trends to elaborate on for you and couldn’t be more excited!

Mixed Metals

Pinterest Design Trends: Mixed Metals Bathroom
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Gold is back. It’s glamorous, it’s luxe. Why shouldn’t it be back? It is such a quick, easy way to create a much more stylish, hip feel to your home. And people are mixing it in with other metals that already exist in their home. This is great news for you because 1) it’s a lot less money as you don’t need to swap out every fixture to a gold one, and 2) it’s a lot less work as you don’t have to switch out every fixture.

Pinterest Design Trends: Mixed Metals
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So now you don’t need to choose just one metal style that you love – mix and match! The options are really endless.

Now your next question may be how? How do I mix my metals so it looks well designed and not just a mix and match mess of elements? I’ve found a great Pinterest post from Studio McGee that really outlines how to best mix metals in an easy-to-understand way.

Mixing Metals
Mixing Metals Guide By Studio McGee

Statement Ceilings & Doors

Statement Doors

Statement doors are such a fun way to switch things up for the exterior (or interior!) of your home. They can be a simple weekend project that anyone can do with a pot of paint and brush. You don’t need to buy a new colourful front door every time you feel an itch to change it up. Painting your front door is such a great way to make a statement to everyone who walks up to it. The colour choice can really give a hint as to the type of person living behind that door! This is a stylish, trendy, simple way to add a bit of flair and curb appeal to your home.

I painted our front door this past summer, and am thrilled to see that this was a design trend for 2018! We had a boring black front door, and it really didn’t scream fun, young, and youthful like I wanted it to. So what did I do? Picked up a tin of paint and decided to change it myself. The result: thrilling. Now every time I walk up to my front door I am happy – this is my home, and this is me.

What if you don’t love it? Paint can always be changed.

Statement Ceilings

So much love for this Pinterest design trend. The possibilities are endless and each one can totally transform the room. The ceiling becomes a fifth wall with this trend, a fifth wall to design and decorate.

Pinterest Design Trends: Painted Ceiling
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You can decorate with wallpaper, paint, or materials like wood or metal. It’s also a great new way to add colour into the room without feeling completely surrounded by it.

Pinterest Design Trends: Wallpapered Ceiling
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Designing a statement wall also allows you to change the overall feel of the room. You can paint the ceiling dark and “drop” it towards you to create a cozier space. Or you could cover it with weathered strips of wood to bring a more rustic feel. Whatever style or story you are trying to tell with your room, consider utilizing that white space above to do something unique and exciting!

Big Wall Art

Pinterest Design Trends: Statement Wall Art
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People are opting out of hanging lots of smaller-sized picture frames and are instead opting in to dramatic statements with oversized art. Expensive, you’d think, right? Well, not always.

Pinterest Design Trends: Large Framed Prints
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A super easy way to create that impactful art statement in your space is by using a framed print surrounded by a large white matte. A great $$ saver! And another bonus: you can switch out those prints as your style changes or evolves. Prints are easy to find and order online. Some sites to check out are Etsy and Minted. There’s something for every one and every style.


Constantly trying to keep up with the newest trends can be exhausting, so don’t try to keep up with everything! Personally, I think it’s exciting to read about what is supposed to be big in the coming year (I’m also a crazy design fanatic though…); however, that does not mean that I try to use all the upcoming trends in my home. Instead, browse through them and see if any catch your eye. There are always a few that would take a large chunk of change to make them happen, but there are also so many that with a little bit of determination can be done yourself for a small price.

Also, keep in mind that trends aren’t universally applicable, nor are they design “law.” Don’t feel like you need to incorporate a trend just because it is popular. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit your design style, find a different trend that does – or start your own trend!

What design trends are you trying out in your homes this year? Are you big into the DIY or do you prefer to have someone else do the work, or just buy the item new? I’d love to hear and see what you have trending in your homes right now.